January 2022 | Olafur Darri Olafsson


New BBC thriller THE TOURIST, starring Bespoke's OLAFUR DARRI OLAFSSON, is a 6-part series airing every Sunday on BBC One at 9pm, and available to watch on BBC iPlayer.


The Tourist follows a British expat, known only as ‘The Man’, as he travels through Australia. The Man realises he is being stalked by a truck whilst alone in the outback, and suddenly finds himself being driven off the road which results in his memory loss. The series follows The Man as he attempts to piece his life together before his old enemies can catch up with him.


Darri plays Billy Nixon, an American man with a trucking distribution company on the outskirts of a small city called Cooper Springs. His calm, reassuring voice conceals a more sinister mind.


You can watch the trailer for The Tourist here, or read The Guardian's review of The Tourist here. 


Darri’s voice reels are available to listen to here.